Sunday, May 12, 2019

Ministry of Education (New Zealand)

What is the role of the ministry of education in New Zealand? What I believe they should be doing is ensuring that schools are teaching, education, so that they change lives, and so that we are not participating in encouraging the forgery that has been taking place in Tamaki college.

To receive knowledge one must first acknowledge, but you know what is right then, only then is it possible to improve, and acknowledge conduct which is unethical, it will make it possible and bring about the new nature. And make a common place to abide by the standard and create a uniformity. Thus restricting bad conduct which is still occurring today. For the ministry of education they have absolutely no power over their public schools which are not just. I cannot comprehend how software companies which started in point england school by philanthropists can now dictate access and control the lives of many individuals without permission it is like a slavery to provide the software which is used for the wrong means.

Indeed the amateurs inventing the software were not very intelligent to make the password for the masses"Thank you", a complete stranger could access their systems, access their students work with new zealands non existing human rights to privacy and thus we must consider the impact this is having on the integrity of nzqa, if such things are allowed without consequence.

In fact, what right can a vice-principal have to coerce the repair person who's working under an independent entity to then install a compromised system on my property -- on my windows system deleting everything for their own benefit. There's a lack of regulation so within these schools there are people operating unfair system independent of our national laws.

And that is a problem relating to their hapara network and fusion engineers, installation of unconsented softwares which the ministry lacks awareness of.

In fact they lack awareness of basically any issues and divert blame to the principles, they also lack knowledge of any claimed partnerships, which may or may not exist. Thus, I think with tech companies claiming to partner with the ministry of education they need to aggregate the information, keep students work very safe, and allow client to opt out before they impose such interference and such damage to property, which is a breach of consumer rights.

Ministry of education and individuals overlooked the personal liberty toward ethics and religion, freedom of religion shaping our worldviews and influences.

Instead they have very dogmatic views of money and these sorts of things being the only determining factor to predict a future, so we must be sure and free to practice religion & exercise faith, and not be limited to individual views.

Ministry of educations compulsory schools that I attended had very low university entrance and pass rates I think at the time I arrived there, if you just look to your left that person was expected to fail, there was a 50 percent pass rate and the university entrance was very low, so the classes they have do not allow for university entrance equally but they see these false perceptions for which they are following, the economics that is determined by the population --- it's not an objective science that is a false perception like reading a scribe dogmatically following rules dogmatically without the ability to evaluate the situation for what it is.

Now with the university entrance standards taught where I live they're inferior according to the richer public school system, and their standards, their criteria for level one only. Now, there must be an appropriate teaching of material it should support educational ethics as well as truth. Each teacher must develop multicultural views toward diversity irrespective of religion, race wealth or background. If the teaching is up to standard people able to succeed on their own because they speak what they hear from teachers and they know right from wrong.The study should not advantage a few, but be be directed to everyone equally and be directed from a worldwide perspective as opposed to imposing individual beliefs. It is not one's job to judge thus the course syllabus should uplift each individual to the truth.

I must reiterate contrasting accidents whereby one is unable to intervene with certain private funded businesses. Operating under the ministry of education schools, hence reducing everyone within the community designated in areas with negative stereotypes. Indeed, government must be unprejudiced and this is not the case when you have philanthropists who work in health, education housing that's undemocratic, so does not demonstrate the value we hold, so I must concede that the college leaders are the reason for inequality.

However, they have claimed it was the parents fault the second reason was the differentiate students from the intermediate graduation another reason was claiming the sequence from the intermediate teachers and the fourth reason was contradictory to other schools in higher socio-economic areas under the ministry of education, which is an absurd, & unethical to restrict education not on the basis of merit but subjectivity. Such discrimination may resemble equity. I myself refuse to acknowledge such view as a form of equity as it is damaging access to normal education and discouraging learning. The life far exceeds the old "Righteousness" and goals of "Self attainment". The world is like an illumination a partnership no matter the surroundings. The happenings, the circumstances we must know better. One must think these laws and ethics are important in the times of uncertainty to have a certitude when making decisions. You must know good and bad and not turn back and figure where did I go wrong but see what has to happen. To see the profound in the situation and be certain of all considerations is the best moral compass to make choices, so that is what we should follow.